Corporate Training Service

In this information age, the need for corporate training has evolved rapidly due to the advancement in technology and trends day-by-day. Several companies all over the world were in the need of upgrading their staff as per the latest technical knowledge which will, in turn, boost up their business and increase productivity. The best technique which involves skill up gradation from employee side for better job opportunities or client-side skill up gradation for their staff to increase the efficiency or maybe as a reward is corporate training.
PHOENIXEASY, one of the leading company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu spread out its hand in providing excellent corporate training on Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, DotNet, BigData, Hadoop, Azure, Aws(Amazon Web services), ServiceNow, ITIL courses to clients and companies worldwide.

    We follow the following process in CORPORATE Training,

  • 1. Java
  • 2. JavaScript
  • 3. AngularJS
  • 4. DotNet
  • 5. BigData
  • 6. Hadoop
  • 7. Azure
  • 8. Aws(Amazon Web services)
  • 9. ServiceNow
  • 10. ITIL
1. Java

Java is object-oriented universal programming language which is very high demand as per the industry requirement. PHOENIXEASY offers you best core java training with experienced JAVA professionals.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a widely used a programming language which involves writing codes like front-end code for clients, back-end code for servers, game development. The Training of Javascript at PHOENIXEASY provides a valuable training course for both the advanced developer as well as the new developer who looking to get a start in JavaScript.

3. AngularJS

Angular JS maintained by Google is an open-source JavaScript framework helps in the organization of code and infrastructure lookouts in the JavaScript websites / Applications that are assisted with single-page applications. PHOENIXEASY gives a complete set of training in Angular JS to create dynamic, rich web applications by new versions Angular2/4/5/6.

4. DotNet

The dot net framework created by Microsoft provides guidelines for programming web to mobile to windows- based applications in an easy way. Our experts train you from basics to advanced concepts in dot net framework.

5. BigData

Big Data is a basic cloud-based analytics which brings down the cost when it comes to storing a large amount of data and gives out more efficient, and smart ways of running the business. At PHOENIXEASY we give full training on what is Big data, why the big data era has come, need and the process of analyzing, managing the database and big data management systems. Hadoop, Azure, and Aws(Amazon Web services) are some of the cloud computing applications comes under Big Data analytics.

6. Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source cloud storage software which is a part of Big Data Analytics. Hadoop Training course at PHOENIXEASY Data covers in-depth knowledge on Hadoop ecosystem tools and through out the training, you will be learning on real-life industrial projects which enhances your further knowledge on using Hadoop.

7. Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever extending cloud services which help your organizations to build, manage and meet your business goals. This application involves working on the global network using well know tools, applications, and frameworks. Gain a deep understanding of the Azure platform from beginner level to advanced techniques at PHOENIXEASY.

8. Aws(Amazon Web services)

Amazon web services is a cloud computing platform which helps in building applications with enhanced flexibility, reliability, and scalability. PHOENIXEASY helps you in gaining clear knowledge on AWS and guide by providing hands-on experience with AWS platform and services.

9. ServiceNow

Service Now offers a platform which provides managing software which involves service management, operation management, and business management. We help you by giving in-depth knowledge on ServiceNow Application.

10. ITIL

Information Technology Infrastructure Library is widely used by IT professionals for IT service-oriented management process which focuses on orienting IT services with business requirements. PHOENIXEASY provides training on all kind of ITIL certifications.
We PHOENIXEASY deliver customized service for all types of clients as companies or individuals as per their requirements like duration of the training course, course schedule, type of training method and various other technical specifications and knowledge which boost the productivity of the client’s business resulting in great success.