Hr Consultancy Service

Over the past decades, HR consultancy has been considered as important service among the business owners to grow their business reduce the cost of operation, streamline the internal process and focus towards the business operations.

PHOENIXEASY HR Consultancy is one among the few companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu provides comprehensive end-to-end HR service to our customers. The expert HR consultants expertise in best HR practices assist you by delivering satisfactory service in all aspects of human resource consulting services. Our HR consulting service ranges from recruiting and hiring people, staffing solutions and also we provide strategic integration of human resource plan, processes, policies, and practices. We at PHOENIXEASY render you with best permanent and contract staffing services.

    We follow the following process in HR Consultancy Service,

1. Staffing Service

At this era, whether small scale business or large corporate companies, finding the right employee with the right skills who contribute towards the success of the business is a tedious task. We PHOENIXEASY help our clients with our workforce to find a right employee who fulfills their unique company needs.
Our Staffing service include,

2. Permanent Staffing

The Experts at PHOENIXEASY gives you qualified, skilled, fully screened candidates at any level in any industry of your choice. We extend our service by offering the best candidate which meets your company goals.

3. Contract Staffing

At PHOENIXEASY, we provide contract staffing services help our clients to build the quality of staff without monitoring them, assist with more number of the employee during critical times and keep projects moving to reach its success. We are one of the leading HR consultancy offering the best cost-effective and quality staffs on the contract basis in a short period of time.
Our skilled and quality experts work on the strategies to come up with a better understanding of client’s requirements and renders better services to meet their needs in a successful manner. The HR service includes all the activities right from the boarding to retirement which covers the entire employee lifecycle. We skillfully consider all the aspects involved and make the business of the client into a successful and most valued one.

Why HR consultancy at PHOENIXEASY ?

At PHOENIXEASY we deliver better consultancy service in a sustainable way which reduces the operational cost and at the same time increases the efficiency.
We offer minimal cost in recruiting the best and right person who meets the company needs.


The experts at PHOENIXEASY aim to deliver all sorts of HR consultancy service and provide necessary support by framing right plan and necessary design process and policies to enhance the efficiency, productivity, efficiency of the clients business.

We PHOENIXEASY delivers speedy, trustworthy service to our clients. We as a young team of skilled trained professionals focus on reducing the client’s burden under the Human Resource management of the company thereby enabling the client to focus on their core operations. Contact us to recruit the best employee and HR service with excellent qualifications rather than finding a normal one from huge peeps.